Direct Investments

The investments listed here are direct holdings in the respective company

A home emergency call system for seniors

Our society is aging and the importance of an independent and active life in old age is increasing. At the same time, the risk of falling increases with every additional year of life. To be limited by this costs quality of life. This does not have to be the case, because with increasing age the psychological and physical consequences of even a supposedly "minor" fall can be massive and serious, it is important to take precautions early on.

Contact Tracing - Asset Tracking - Flow Tracking

The product system detects events of people, goods and crowds.

It can be used in almost all environments - while being easy to install and expand. You receive the data via various interfaces for direct analysis or further processing. 

SaaS for Non-Profil Organisations

With the product FundraisingBox, Wikando GmbH offers online fundraising tools and donor management.

These services are aimed at organizations, associations, institutions and foundations.

Wikando increases efficiency and quality of fundraising and donor management with software-as-a-service solutions.

FundrasingBox is THE leading tool for the digitization of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).



The perfect wine seal

The Winaro Winesaver seals your wine, keeping it fresh for weeks. Finally, you can enjoy with every meal exactly the wine that goes best with it. Whether at home, or in the catering industry, the Winaro Winesaver allows you to offer a wide range of open wines.

Real Time Location Services (RTLS)

Favendo RTLS and installation service means mobile indoor and outdoor positioning, indoor navigation, people & asset tracking and proximity alerting based on Bluetooth. We take care of the planning, installation and roll-out of the hardware infrastructure for our customers during operation and provide powerful software for each RTLS project. We also guarantee intensive training and system support as well as maintenance.

match2blue GmbH is a holding company for a number of startup companies that were created by technologies developed by match2blue in the areas of database and tracking.


Flexible services through the use of LTA (Lighter then Air) technologies.

Based on the work of the former Cargolifter AG, this technology was further developed for flexible applications.

Executive Retreats - Ecological Coaching & Climate-conscious Leadership Development

I am Wilderness Executive Retreats
and Eco-Coaching Programs are
designed for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Board-members, Businesspeople and their teams
to take a break, reflect, experience and
reconnect with themselves and with nature.

Sustainability is one of the the main leadership challenges in the future.
You protect what you love.

Investments via Crowdinvesting

The investments listed here were made via the croudinvesting platforms Companisto and Seedmatch

The Touchfree Standard as a Gateway to the Metaverse

AMERIA solves individual challenges in the digitization of public spaces. Specially developed touchpoint solutions motivate customers to interact.

This creates attention and provides access to unique offline customer data that you otherwise only know from the online sector. Let's rethink the POS together

Your Talent Analytics Software

bluquist combines assessments on the topics of personality, competencies and health on one platform.

From this, data-driven recommendations for employee development are derived to create higher-performing teams and a healthier work environment.

Order cab online

BetterTaxi is an independent cab calculator for planning, ordering and billing cab and airport transfers. Based on current cab prices, we calculate the route and time-dependent cab costs. Furthermore, we search for you in real time for an available, reliable and cheap cab center or a driving service for your city trip or airport transfer. Simply enter your start and destination in the form provided. This will give you an overview of the available offers. With a few more clicks you can order your cab online

Intelligent conversion to e-mobility

The development of intelligent software, high-quality hardware and the precise design of CAD data make us experts in the mobility and automotive sector.

Perfectly matched components lead to unrivaled system safety and best performance in every respect for your company.

Our specialty is the development of electric drive systems for commercial vehicles and selected classic vehicles as an independent and flexible system partner for municipalities and companies.